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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Pemberton Yard Proposed Layout Plan

Below is a screen shot of the general plan i am following at present for the Pemberton Yard. Each rectangle represents a separate module, with the red rectangle representing the module currently being worked on. The original sketches had planned to capture most of the yard on the top three modules, however after examining what this mean for minimum radius it was soon realized this wouldn't be achievable if i was to keep the centre section to scale. This had had a role on effecton the rest of the layout, which left me wondering how I would achieve the key components I had panned which include part of the Pemberton Mill, two bridges on the mainline, a timber tramway line and a fiddle yard.
With my move to Perth I know have even less room which may yet see me alter my plans to work on sections at a time to create a larger exhibition layout. In the mean time my focus continues on the centre section of the Pemberton yard which has been laid out to scale and now has all four yard tracks laid with only the small section of the shunt remaining.

Planned Layout for original room

1942 Map of the NE side of the Pemberton Yard

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