This blog is to show the development of my model railway of Pemberton along with historical research of the railway and timber tramway lines.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Developing a locating system for the table frames

In planning my layout i wanted it to be portable as I am renting and also would like to display it one day and with this in mine i have designed it in transportable sections and to ensure these match and maintain strength i wanted to develop a locating mechanism which achieved both. My final design was based on having a bolt of at least 10mm which would fit tightly within brass collars that would inter lock and align and form a strong and rigid join reducing the need for legs on center sections of the layout. With a design in mind the next challenge was to source the brass to do the job which was a little difficult in Manjimup but thanks to some help, my dad sourced some from Perth and i put the lathe to work to turn up the first prototypes, with the final product providing a pleasing result.

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