This blog is to show the development of my model railway of Pemberton along with historical research of the railway and timber tramway lines.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pemberton Mill

Through a joint project of attempting to digitally map the many rail and tramway lines which once serviced the south west along with deciding to base a model railway on Pemberton and a desire to capture aspects of the connecting mill, has lead me to researching the past layout of the Pemberton mills and I have found it surprising how the mill, its buildings and railway line appear to have changed between the pre 1950 map, the 1951 photo and the 1962 photo.

Pemberton Mill Maps and Photos

Pemberton Mill prior to 1950
Pemberton Mill and Surrounds in 1951
Pemberton Mill and Surrounds in 1962
Pemberton Mill and Surrounds in 2005
Pemberton Mill and Surrounds in 2007

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